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Browse our library of flakes we offer for epoxy coating systems.

Showroom Line

These flakes are bold and bright, but they require a bit more maintenance to keep their 'glow'. If you are wanting to have a sharp looking floor, and you like to take care of keeping it clean, these are for you.

Schist Stone



Carbon Marble

Low-Maintenance Line

Our easy-care floor flakes hide dust and dirt well, thanks to the addition of brown hues to the palette. They keep your floors looking clean without much work.

Cabin Fever


Dolerite Stone


Suddle Line

These flakes are meant to be easy on the eyes. A mixture between showroom and low-maintenance, these flakes offer mainly grey palette, with touches of different colour textures.

Stone Creek


epoxy floor



Specialty Line

Whether you want the original 'domino' , or a floor to match your Harley Davidson, we got you covered. If you want a custom flake, we can also assist during your selection process.





Custom Flake Blends Available

If you have a specific flake pattern you desire, please inquire below!

Flake Flooring

Unlike flooring systems that are installed in tiles, sheets, or blocks, resinous floor coatings are fluid-applied coatings that create a virtually seamless surface over a concrete slab and are available in various textures and colors. Decorative flake floor coatings consist of colored flakes suspended in a clear resin, so the distribution of flakes is truly random and organic, unlike repeating tile patterns that attempt to achieve a “natural” look. Decorative flake floor coating solutions are available in a wide range of both colors and flake sizes, making them a highly versatile and customizable epoxy flooring option.

Decorative flakes in a range of natural mineral colors can be used to produce the appearance of terrazzo flooring, which is often prohibitively expensive and typically requires higher maintenance costs and frequent shut down time. Floor coatings containing natural mica flakes can provide a beautiful, elegant appearance similar to granite floors, but without the high costs of installation and maintenance. Brightly colored flakes can create a vibrant, modern look or promote spirit by using the colors of a mascot, logo, or sports team. Or create a visual impact by selecting multiple colors and designing a pattern of your choice. The combinations are endless!.

Torginol Flake Benefits

The benefits of decorative flake floor coatings aren’t just aesthetic, epoxy floor coatings and other fluid-applied flooring systems offer many additional benefits:
Strong and Durable. Epoxy and urethane floor coatings create a barrier of strength over of the concrete substrate onto which they are applied, resulting in greater scratch resistance, better load-bearing capabilities, and ultimately, a prolonged lifespan of the concrete floor.

Easy to Clean. Fluid-applied flooring systems have the benefit of being virtually seamless, eliminating most cracks and creases where dust, mold, and bacteria tend to gather and grow. Thanks to resinous flooring’s monolithic surface, it is easy to clean by spraying with a hose if necessary, and it is also durable enough to withstand the use of many harsh chemical cleaners.

Customizable Functional Features. With applications across numerous industries, decorative flake systems can be customized to better suit the functional needs of a particular setting. Such as the ability to choose from various textures to help aid against slip and fall incidents, or decorative systems that can withstand drastic changes in temperature and can help inhibit the growth of microorganisms, and a range of other custom formulations.

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